Go to www.dropbox.com, and click on Sign Up. Enter your name, email and password. Select "I agree to Dropbox Terms." Dropbox should begin downloading immediately. Once it has downloaded, run the Dropbox installer which should be found in your computer's Downloads folder. This will create a Dropbox folder on your computer.



Open Dropbox.com. Click on the new folder icon with the green plus to create a new folder. Name the folder "YKV - your email" and be sure to use the email you provided to make your Yourkidvid account. This folder should appear in the Dropbox folder on your computer.



Copy and paste your 15 minutes of footage into "YKV - your email." Do not shut off your computer or internet until the blue circle on the Dropbox icon with the arrows turns into a green circle with a checkmark. This means all of the files are uploaded onto Dropbox.



Go back to Dropbox.com. Your new folder should have appeared on the website. Right click on the folder and click on the Invite to folder. Enter the email address "upload@yourkidvid.com" and click on Share folder. Once we are notified, we will have access to this folder.

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