Why should I use this service?

You’ve got tons of videos of your kids saved on your phone or computer. You’d love to share the highlights with your family and friends, but between conference calls and soccer practices you hardly have the time to post them online, let alone sift through the best moments.

No matter where they live, we make it easy for you to share videos of your kids with their grandparents while still entertaining your single college buddies. Within a few short days you’ll have a custom film which will become the video scrapbook your family will have forever. 

How does Yourkidvid work?

We strive to make it easy for you:

Purchase:  Buy either a Lite video for $29 or a Premium video for $49. Premium entitles you to a custom movie created from 15 minutes (or less) of uploaded footage, and Lite to a movie created from 8 minutes (or less) of footage. Click here to get started now.

Upload: Provide us with the video clips you’ve captured. Each video clip needs to be 2 minutes or less. Step-by-step upload instructions.  

Enjoy: In just a few days you’ll receive your custom movie, ready to share, post to social media, and enjoy forever.

What kinds of videos do you edit?

Birthdays, Christmas pageants, baseball games and dance recitals. Your baby’s first steps, the family’s year in review or your son helping you bake a cake. We take the celebratory and the everyday moments of your family’s lives, and turn them into a short film you can share with family and friends. For inspiration, check out our Portfolio.

If you have other video editing needs, we can point you in the right direction as well. See our Special Projects.

Is this an automated editor?

No. Unlike other online services, we have professional filmmakers making careful choices about how your video is presented and what to include. Our real-live, LA-based editors craft your custom videos using state-of-the-art editing equipment from our Southern California offices.

What are premium graphics and animated transitions?

Based on the content of your footage, we use motion graphics and animations to enhance your story. Please see our Premium page to see some of the original motion graphics we use. These elements celebrate your videos' specific events, and provide a unique way to share your story. This is only offered in our Premium edits. Here's one of our favorite examples: Superkids.

What is color correction and shot adjustment?

Color correction and shot adjustment are cinematic tools often used by professional editors, which allow for more engaging storytelling. We use color correction to lighten a dark scene or make the colors pop. This helps us to salvage what otherwise might have been unusable footage, and to bring life to your film's main characters. Shot adjustment means cropping or reframing your shot, so our audience can spot your little star immediately. This is only offered in our Premium edits.

What does Sound Mixing mean?

Sound mixing means adjusting audio levels to ensure you can hear what's important in a scene. Music levels are raised to create a more dynamic storytelling experience, and lowered for the most memorable moments you want to share with your family. This is only offered in our Premium edits.

Do you have a screening process for your editors?

Absolutely. We make sure our editors can both edit and tell a great story. Our editors are film school graduates and/or have significant experience working in the LA-area Entertainment Industry. We also ensure all our employees have been through a strict background check and a thorough interview process. Check out our Privacy Page for more details.

Can I upload more than the allowed amount of minutes?

Yes. Our time limits helps us keep our products affordable, but if you’d like to upload more than the maximum limit, we require an additional fee. Add up to 10 minutes of original footage for an additional $5/minute. Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

How do I upload my footage?

You can use several cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox to upload your footage. Check out the Upload Page for detailed instructions.

Can a clip be longer than 2 minutes?

Longer clips and longer footage means more editing time and, therefore, higher costs for our customers. So we ask that clips are no longer than 2 minutes to keep our service affordable.

How can I let the editor know which moments are the most important?

You will be provided with a "Cast & Crew Notes" submission form where you tell us anything we need to know about your film.

How do I share my video?

When Yourkidvid is complete, we’ll provide you with a link to your video that you can copy and paste to your email and social networking accounts.

How will I receive my completed Yourkidvid film? 

Once Yourkidvid film is ready, you’ll receive an email with a link to your video on YouTube.

Can I upload photos?

At this time we are not using photos in our editing process. 

What is your return policy?

Yourkidvid stands behind the unique products we create. We are happy to fix any typos and misspellings free of charge. 

How long does it take to get my video?

We can turn your video around in about 3-5 business days.

How can I download my completed Yourkidvid film?

We will send you a link to download your video.

Can I send you old VHS and Super-8 footage?

Yourkidvid does not use VHS or Super-8 footage that hasn’t yet been digitized. With that said, we know a lot of us have old videos we’d like turned into a customized film. We can help facilitate these types of special projects through our network. See our Special Projects.

Can I give Yourkidvid videos as a gift?

Yes! We sell gift certificates! They're perfect to give your favorite parent or soon-to-be parent. We can deliver it via email on whatever day you want.

How do I redeem a Gift Card?

Simply input the Redeem Code / Coupon Code listed on your Gift Card, during the checkout process. See Redeem Your Gift Card for more instructions.