Daddy and Maddy | The Beginning


When my daughter Madeline was almost born I asked my friend Richard if he would document the days leading up to her birth. Being a good friend, he agreed and I had him film on my large, 10 pound, shoulder-supported Canon Xl-2. If you aren’t familiar with this camera let me just state that it is BIG.

My wife, her best friend, her mother and myself showed up at the hospital a few days after my wife's due date, so they had to induce labor. While my wife was dealing with 30-some hours of labor, and I was "coaching", my friend ran around Hoag Hospital gathering hospital B-roll, interviewing me, and capturing the reactions of my friends and family. I was nervous, excited and scared.

After my daughter was born I ran into the waiting room; arms up in the air, tears of joy pouring from my eyes, and a new sense of pride. Barely able to speak, I was a crying, bumbling, brand new dad. I said something about her weight and her length, wiped some tears, then embraced my family. And the camera caught every moment of joy. After everyone had left, I grabbed footage of her baby bed, birth card announcements, leaving the hospital with our daughter, entering our home, and introducing our dog Shia to our baby.

While my wife and I figured out how to be parents, my friend took all our footage and created an incredible memento, 5 minutes in length, that I enjoy every time I watch. And everyone wanted a copy… Everyone.


My daughter was born 2 years ago. To save myself the shoulder ache, I now shoot video on a Canon DSLR, mostly for professional wedding videography and commercial work. But I have been able to orchestrate some awesome photo shoots that celebrate my daughter’s life. However, I don't always have my professional gear with me, but I do have my amazing smart phone on me. Always. I have shot on a Droid and an iPhone to create small clips of my daughter experiencing everyday life. Dancing and prancing, skipping and flipping, hiding and sliding, crying and lying. Movies. Zoo trips. Birthdays. Airplane rides. (I believe she has frequent flyer miles now.) Making my daughter a star, giving her the attention she deserves, encouraging her to adventure, and documenting even just the little things, I think, will provide my daughter with confidence.

So, where am I going with all this? I am a new dad and a new husband. With life moving so fast, I need constant reminders of the love that I share with my family and friends. These videos not only remind me of where I once was, but it returns to me all the emotions that I felt in those priceless moments. As a father, I see the potential of documenting a detailed and creative history of my child. The same emotions I feel when I look at my own childhood photos and VHS tapes I hope to share with my daughter when she reaches an age where she can appreciate these relics. A father of 5 reminded me to take as many pictures as possible, because before you know it they are off to school, then graduating, then getting married. Your children may move to another city, state or even country. You may not see them for months, weeks or years, but if I maintain this habit, I will always have my child with me.

Our team at YKV will help you create these little films about your big stars.  We deliver honest pieces of work that will showcase your children’s talents and accomplishments.  We take that final step of collecting, editing and delivering videos that so many parents forfeit or simply forget.  Don't forfeit your films. They may be worth something someday.


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