Five Moments to Catch | Halloween

The Pumpkin Patch

I distinctly remember the very first pumpkin I got from the pumpkin patch. I was on a pre-school field trip, and I was determined to get the largest pumpkin my tiny little 4 year old arms could carry… No matter how lopsided it was. I’ll never forget how proud my parents were when they saw me lug this gargantuan mutant pumpkin into the house.

So whether it’s a school field trip or a family outing, make sure to capture the little one picking out their pumpkin, carefully carving it, and lighting its candle on the front porch.

Getting Ready 

Tying on that red cape. Mom making the brave attempt at special effects zombie make up. Your little vampire taking a look at herself in the mirror for the first time. Half the fun of Halloween is all the effort put into getting into character: an iron-clad excuse to paint your face every color of the rainbow.

Get the Kids in Character 

Since the dark streets make it difficult for your camera to record video, film your kids before you leave the house while their makeup and costumes are nice and fresh. Their excitement will come across great on camera as they ignite their light sabers, omit their scariest growls, and concoct a fantastic magical spell.

Don’t Forget the Adults 

Some of my favorite Halloween pins last year came from parents who decided to participate in the fun by dressing up with their kids. When you and your child decide to dress up as Max and the Wild Things or as Doc and Marty McFly, make sure you get some selfie time in front of the camera.

The Candy 

Nothing is more gratifying on Halloween than kneeling on the dining room chair and dumping your winnings onto the table. Chocolate, gummy worms, lollipops, and peanut butter cups.

Catch a few moments as they bounce off the walls before you hide that ridiculous stash of candy. Ask them what they thought of their night of trick-or-treating, then try to put your sugar-rushed child to bed.

-Debbie F