All's Fair in Puppy Love and War | A Tragic Comedy in Two Parts

Part Two

Okay, so where was I? That's right, stupid Brian T.  Brian was the fastest runner in school.  He had a bully mentality, was part of the cool crowd (if there ever was one in a private school) and his parents had a lot of money.  We were friends, but after he set his sights on Heather, Brian went from friend to foe.  When Heather's birthday arrived he presented her with a gold necklace.  Brian had stole her from me at a roller skating birthday party I was unable to attend.

One day while playing an important game of kickball, Heather and her friend approached me. Heather had this look in her eye I had never seen before, but it wasn't good look.  Heather looked... mad at me.

"You gave me those chocolates to get fat!" Heather shouted.

"Yeah!" said her friend.

"What?" I said, confused. (Which I have found is a common emotion I would feel again and again with future loves.)

"Brian gave me this necklace 'cause he REALLY likes me" she snickered, holding up a necklace.

"Yeah," said her friend again.

I think I hid my broken, shattering heart very well.  Then, Heather ran out of my life forever, and I went back to playing kickball. I know what you're thinking, I should've gone after her, but this WAS a very important game of kickball.  

A few weeks later at yet ANOTHER roller skating party, which I made sure to attend because I learned a certain Brian T. was not, I had another encounter with Heather. While I was skating around the rink, Miss Heather called me over.  She was sitting on a bench by her beautiful self, and smiling at ME.  Would I get the chance to win her back? This must be my second chance!  I will steal her back, buy her some nachos and a soda, and all will be right in the world.

I made one more lap around and as I exited the skating rink I decided to do a little bunny hop.  I figured I would try and look super cool and impress her with a trick-- a trick I had never practiced before and did I mention I wasn't a very good roller skater.  Then everything went horribly wrong, my wheels landed incorrectly and my skates came out from under me.  I watched Heather's reaction as I was sent face first into the ground, busting my lip open and destroying my chance of rekindling what we once had.

With blood dripping down my face and a bag of ice pressed to my lips, I waited for my parents to arrive.  Embarrassed and defeated I went home. 

Eventually, I moved on.  Brian eventually dumped Heather.  I vowed never to roller skate again.

I tried to vow to never "go steady" again, but since I was only 11 I knew that wasn't going to happen.  The next year, there was the new girl, April.  Brian had his sights on her as well.  All's fair…

Puppy Love is Grand.  War is Hell.   But it sure is fun.

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