Oscar Party With the Kids

If you think a kid can sit through three and a half hours of The 86th Annual Academy Awards without the proper amount of activities, you have another thing coming.  Award speeches, and “In Memoriams” are not kid friendly. In fact if you don’t have the necessary tools for an evening with kids you should probably turn the TV off and go to the zoo or pizza parlor.  I am not sure how many of these tricks will help in making the Oscars an enjoyable FAMILY experience, but I have a great list of ideas that are worth a shot that I’ll be trying this weekend.

Just You and the Kids

1) Be the Paparazzi - Using your phone, get interviews of your kids and have them make predictions who the winners may be, especially for the Best Animated Feature Category.  Don’t forget to share your footage with your kids after the show, as a reward for good behavior.

2) Movie Munchies - Kid-sized finger foods and special kids cups make the children feel like this is a special event just for them. Stock up on popcorn, jelly beans, swedish fish, or stay healthy with apples and peanut butter.  

4) Cast your ballots - Encourage everyone to make their picks and give out prizes for whoever answers the most correctly.  Keep all the answers a secret until the final award, and then tally everything up.

5) Get Thankful - Have everyone give an acceptance speech, make sure everyone gets a “thank you.”  You can even film the speeches to present to the kids later.

You and Everyone You Know

Want to have some friends over, along with their kiddos? If you really want to step it up, try these:

1) The Red Carpet - Roll one out for the kids and make them feel like stars.  Dont have a carpet, use some construction paper, it’s cheap and it doesn’t matter if you wreck it.

2) Dress up - Get the kids in a fancy dress and take photos like they are Oscar-nominated actors.  Sunglasses, sparkles, tuxedos... Bring it all out for a wonderful show.

3) Give out schwag: Toys, candy, noisemakers, mini-trophies.  At the Oscars, guests receive gift bags. Make sure every guest has something to remember the party.  Make them extravagant or affordable.  

4) Play Oscar charades - Have the kids act out their scenes and try and guess their favorite movie scene.

Serious Oscar Aficionados Only!

1) Make your own movie - Give your child a chance to star in their own movie.  It can be a parody or something new and exciting.

2) Create a ‘Star’ for your child,  like on the Hollywood walk of fame.  Or go the extra mile and prepare fresh cement in your backyard that a child can place the date and his handprints to remember the event.

3) Create hollywood movie posters using cardboard and magic markers.  Have each kid design their favorite movie new or old.

Use just a couple or all of these ideas for an amazing Oscar party that is sure to keep your kids occupied.  

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