Five Gifts I'd Give My Mom If I had ALL the Moneys

My mother is an amazing woman. She encouraged me to take music classes when I was younger and not a day goes by that I don’t recognize how it helped me. My mother drove us (me, my sister and my brother) to music class every week. She cooked dinner almost every night, and made sure we got to school on time every morning. It was a private school, which was costly because all three of us attended. Sundays were church days, and we attended mass...religiously. This required my mother to work 40+ hours a week, and TEACH music lessons to beginning pianists for extra cash. She made it to all of our competitions and concerts, and she never complained. Ever. She believed in all of us, and still does to this day. When we started to become a little older my mother tried to maintain our innocence, like most moms do, but when she knew that we were changing and needed to find our independence, she gave in. She was protective, but not over protective. She was thirsty for knowledge and she wanted to share her new findings with us. She was always looking for answers, in the stars, in the bible, and in her heart. My mother knew astrology, Catholicism, music, tarot, and she could type faster than anyone I knew. Her cooking is wonderful. She is an artist. She is inspiring.

I could go on and on about my mother and how amazing my mother is, but this is blog is about the top 5 gifts that I would give my mom...if I had the money.

I will most likely purchase a card and some flowers for my mother, or a nice gift certificate to a fine restaurant. Maybe cook a meal and invite mom over for the night. But if I had a million dollars... Oh man.

A Grand Piano

My mother during a trying time in our lives had to sell her grand piano. It was a wonderful piano that should have been in our family forever. After my mother lost her instrument, it seemed she lost the joy of playing. She is in a smaller home these days, that doesn’t necessarily have room for a grand or even baby grand. SO, if I had “all the money”, I would not only buy my mother a brand new grand piano, but a large enough home with a room dedicated to my mothers love for the arts. Music and art would be everywhere.

A Trip Into Space

My mom has been into astrology for years. She studies “the stars”, and even if it’s all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, she loves it. She wouldn’t experience anything like the movie Gravity, but I would send my mom to get an up close look at the stars.

The Finer Things In Life

I have expensive taste. I like rich food. I like exclusive spirits, fine wine, and craft beer. I love dessert. I think I got this from my mother. We couldn’t always afford the best, but my mother knew who had it, and she wanted to make sure we knew that “we can’t take it with us.” Enjoy it now, because “now” happens so fast. With all the money in the world, my mother would have her own wine cellar and kitchen, with all the tools to make those gourmet meals. A classic bar and a craft beer keg would be perfect.

Vegas Baby!

Or anywhere else in the world with a CASINO - I like to gamble, and blackjack is my favorite game. My mother? My mother LOVES to gamble, and she loves black jack. If I had all the money in the world, I would give my mom all the chips she needed to just play and play without the fear of loss. She would stay at the nicest hotels and play ‘til sunrise if she wanted.

A Fast Red Car

Right now my mother drives an old’s vintage, but fast. When my mom was young she took her little sports car off-roading and somehow managed to get stuck on a hill. They rescued the car, but my mother would need to be more careful.  But I would buy my mom a brand new car. Something that is reliable, fun and fast. She has intentionally peeled-out after rainy days. She’s 60 years old, but still has that youthful need for speed.


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