Top 5 Mother's Day Gifts From the Kids

I never know what to get my wife for her birthday, or Valentine’s, or Mother’s Day, or our anniversary.  But I have found that putting a little thought into the gift FROM THE KIDS, can make the most important lady in your life’s special day, especially awesome.  My wife and I have one child, our daughter Madeline, and she brightens our day everyday.  We both work 40+ hours a week and most times we don’t get to enjoy watching her discover this world as much as we would like to which is why I take plenty of photo and video.  If I record enough of our daughter’s life, we can revisit all of these mini-home-movies, and enjoy them time and time again.  There are plenty of other ways to add a little TLC to Mom's gift:


A Premium Video from Yourkidvid 

Speaking of home movies, this is quite possibly the best idea ever created for moms. Take mom down memory lane! You can choose clips from your phone or computer (up to fifteen minutes), and they will craft the perfect video. Choosing your clips carefully will show you put some thought into the gift, which should earn even more kudos from mom. Simply upload them for to edit, produce and deliver in less than a week. They add music and transitions that are selected specifically to compliment the footage. Film the kids leaving a “Happy Mother’s Day” message and they will create a wonderful story with your own personal title and message. There is nothing like making mom cry. Tears of joy, that is.

Clean the house and make dinner!

There is nothing more cozy than a tidy house with a crisp, clean and fragrant scent.  Either you do the work, enlisting the help of the kids, or hire a maid while mom is away (you and the kid/s can take the credit).  No matter what you choose, relieving mom of cleaning duties, and serving her up a wonderful meal will make her feel super special. It also teaches the kids about cleanliness and cooking.  Don’t forget to clean up after dinner. too! Brownies for dessert may earn you, er, ”brownie points”.

Flowers.  Flowers. Flowers.  

Get the kids to create homemade bouquets by visiting a flower shop or nursery.  Pick flowers at the park and create a unique bouquet by tying them together with a fancy ribbon.  Make sure the kids choose the flowers, and the decorations as this will personalize the gift.

Shopping Spree.  

Get Mom a gift card and let the girls go shopping for some new threads.  Encourage mom to take a friend to shop with for advice (and maybe do some babysitting).  Also, make sure the little ones get to pick out their own outfit, too.  

Spa Day.  

Look, I know all husbands think they have the magic touch, but get your wife a professional massage and/or facial.  Not sure when is a good time for her, get a gift certificate.  Allowing your wife to take an entire day to be pampered without the kids around will make her feel like the important, hardworking mom she is.  If your children are old enough, get a gift certificate for everyone to enjoy a spa day.     

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