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Stuff We Love On the Interwebs | May

Feeling overworked. You're not the only American. Check out how we measure up to the rest of the world @upworthy.

Below are a couple of fun science videos.

Here's a touching #yourkidvidmoment. Jessica Hicky, an only child who lost her mother 20 years ago, reveals to her father that she's expecting. If you manage to make it through this without even a little tear, I'd seriously question whether your heart is still beating. 

This girl's voice will simply blow you away.

And an installment from one of our favorite series.

5 YouTube Channels You MUST Subscribe To

1. Kid Snippets

Created by Bored Shorts TV, Kid Snippets asks kids to act out an imaginary scenario, then re-enacts their dialogue with adult actors. Hollywood needs to option these kids pronto! 

2. Disney Shorts 

When you're on the go and need a couple of minutes to entertain the kiddos, Disney Shorts have the cutest little animations that are sure to hold their attention.

3. Sky Does Minecraft

Are your kids obsessed with Minecraft? Then, they're sure to also be obsessed with SkyDoesMinecraft. It's one of the top YouTube Channels with over 9 million subscribers.

4. Khan Academy

Looking for some much needed homework help? If you don't know about Khan Academy, get on the interwebs immediately to learn more. Quite literally. Best part: it's completely FREE!

5. Full Time Kid

Can we just say? We love Mya. PBS enlisted this Full Time Kid to do how-to videos for kids and parents.  You can always count on PBS to be fun and educational.