The YKV Way

We wanted to find a way to bring high quality, professional editing to a broader audience. An important audience. Your family.  We wanted to bring this caliber of professionalism and creativity to your home videos...and we wanted to keep it affordable!  

Professional video editing is an expensive and time-consuming process, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars.  Professional editors usually work with professionally shot footage - whether for a small business or a big blockbuster movie. 

To that end, along with some of the most talented and creative filmmakers in the business, we’ve created two products for your cell phone and other home videos: Yourkidvid Lite and Yourkidvid Premium Video Editing.

In order to keep them affordable, we’ve created strong processes to keep us flexible, nimble and lean.  As such, we’re really specific about how much total footage we accept (for Lite it's 8 Minutes and for Premium,  15 minutes) as well as how long each clip can be (2 minutes max). We’re also happy to edit anything else you may have as part of our Special Projects Network.

Our heart is in Yourkidvid because for us, it’s an honor to curate your memories in a way that you’ll enjoy sharing and watching again and again.

-Negar Ayromloo & Teigue Thomas
Co-Founders of Yourkidvid